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Automatic Profiling Milling Flying Saw
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Automatic Profiling Milling Flying Saw
一.Machinery description:
Profiling milling flying saw is an automatic NC-electromechanical integrated product which is used to cut the continuous rectangular or circular steel pipe produced by the production unit into certain length. The milling system uses polar coordinate method i.e. by applying the interpolation movement in the radial and circular direction to achieve the profiling cutting along the external contour of the pipe.
二.Equipment Characteristics
1)Low energy consumption、Low noise、Low cut losses、High cut-length precision.
2)Incision of high quality、Cross-section vertical、No burr.
3)Applicable to sawing round tube、square rectangle tube of large-caliber、heavy wall、high steel grade and type.
三.Main technical parameter
2)Square rectangle tube size 100x100~550x550mm
3)Wall thickness:2~22mm
4)Material: Straight carbon steel、Low alloyed steel and J55、X80、N80 etc
5)Cut-lengths:6~20m(continuously adjustable)
6)Cut-length precision:0~6mm