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Slitting Unit Series Product Line
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Slitting Unit Series Product Line
It is used for the slitting of a number of cold or hot-rolled metal coils to satisfy the requirements of different metal coil width. There are two different types of product line: hot-rolled steel coil series and cold-rolled steel coil series. The hot-rolled coil series is used in the production of 1.5~20㎜ thick coils with producing speed and maximum width 30~80m/min and 2000㎜ respectively. Its characteristics are automatic, high level mechanization, high loading ability, easily-used, high efficiency, etc. The cold-rolled coil series is used in the high precision slitting process of galvanized steel plate, color coating steel plate, cold-rolled sheet, stainless steel plate, silicon steel sheet, copper and aluminum coil. The technical parameter ranges of the product are: plate thickness 0.15~2.5㎜, plate width 350~1550㎜, minimum product width 8㎜, producing speed 80~160m/min. The characteristic are reasonable technical layout, high precision shear, little trimming burr, tight and tidy recoiling, easy-used, high efficiency, etc.